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Where can I begin? Ms Mapes was an amazing teacher!

She always went above and beyond for us students.

She was more then just a teacher to me. To some, she was a big sister, best friend and even a mom. I consider her all three.

She was a great person to talk to about anything and I mean anything!

I can trust her with my eyes closed.

Her teaching lessons were the best! She made learning so much fun.

She made me want to learn more each and every day.

She would always tell us that she saw hope in her students, in all of them. Not just some, ALL. She would tell us we had a purpose in this world and it's all up to us to figure out what that purpose was.

She would never give up on any of us.

I remember at her dances she would have for her mini lessons.

One of our favorite dances was called "GROW THE CROPS"!

All the kids loved it.She was such an amazing teacher!! She was always loving, never mad or upset. She was that bright light in our school and if you were ever down and dark - she would come along with that bright beautiful light telling you everything is going to be o.k. Not only was she an amazing teacher she went crazy for the kids who could not afford to go to prom! She called it


She didn't buy cheap dresses, she bought beautiful gowns for many of the girls and on top of that, she did their makeup and hair! Now what teacher does that? Not many, well none I know. She was perfect to me! She had the perfect heart,personality, smile, face, and cutest laugh!! :)

She even started a girl group called GIRLS LEADERSHIP.

It was for girls like me and other students who will get together and just talk about some great ways to become a great leader as a girl and make change in this world. Ms Mape's changed a lot of girl's life in that group.

She personally changed my life and how I look at things.

She made me feel so great about myself. She made me the person I am today along with my mom :) she was the best! So as her school daughter I am proud to say I am also SISSY'S ANGEL! And always will be.


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