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There are plenty of ways to help.

Donations gift, volunteer and more.

Help us help others!

Our organization relies strictly on donations to support our programs and the work we do. We call upon your compassion and generosity to support our worthy cause.

All contributors will be graciously acknowledged.

Please Make Checks or Money Orders

Payable and Mail to:

Sissy's Angels Headquarters

℅ Theresa Mapes

32 Farnworth Close

Freehold, New Jersey 07728

(347) 534-7540

Types of Donations

Monetary Donations

Monetary Donations are a great way to help. It offers you an opportunity to give what you can, when you can while providing us the flexibility to allocate your contribution where it is most needed at any given time.

Donation of Services and Supplies

Service Donation can include but is not limited to: Providing legal and counseling services, printing and copying services, advertising and distribution, signage, banners office supplies, water, beverages, bakery and food items.

Donations For The Fairy Godmother Program

We offer to those that qualify, the opportunity to attend their prom, dressed in formal wear including accessories.

For young ladies

  • Prom Gowns, Formal Dresses: clean, current
  • styles, all colors and sizes.
  • Shoes: all colors, styles and sizes.
  • Purses: evening, all colors
  • Young adult appropriate costume jewelry.
  • Gift Bag items such as unused lipstick, perfume, make-up, nail polish, toiletries and hygiene items.

For young men

  • Suits or tuxedos: wearable, current styles.
  • Shoes, all colors, styles and sizes.
  • Shirts, ties, belts etc.
  • Young adult appropriate jewelry & accessories.
  • Gift Bag items such as- cologne, toiletries and other hygiene and health care items.

Other Needed Donations

Gift Certificates for make up to local hair and nail salons, limousine or other transport services.

Gift Certificates

Used for fund raising raffles items. Helping us while you introduce and promote your business to the community. Examples: free dinner for two, free oil change, haircut, discount coupon etc. 

Would you like to volunteer ?


We welcome everyone to become part of this completely volunteer, non profit organization and to take this opportunity to help us make a difference. Please contact Theresa Mapes (347) 534-7940 to learn more. 

Help Us Help Others

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